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The 20 Categories of Dreams
The 20 Categories of Dreams
by John Paul Jackson

What’s the difference between a calling dream and a direction dream? In The 20 Categories of Dreams, you’ll discover the diversity and spiritual significance of the various kinds of dreams God gives. You’ll also learn to recognize the subtle differences between dark dreams, fear dreams and false dreams—all given by the enemy to stop God’s plan for your life.

Dreams to Reach Your Destiny
  • Prophetic and revelatory dreams, calling dreams, courage dreams
  • Direction dreams, inventions dreams,word of knowledge dreams
Dreams to Change Your Path
  • Correction dreams, warning dreams, self-condition dreams
Dreams for Healing and Transformation
  • Healing dreams, deliverance dreams, flushing dreams
Dreams from the Enemy
  • Dark dreams, false dreams, fear dreams
Dreams We Cause to Be Dreamed
  • Soul dreams
Dreams to Train You in Spiritual Obedience
  • Spiritual warfare, intercession dreams
Dreams Caused by Changes in Your Body
  • Chemical dreams, body dreams
In addition to providing you with actual examples from each of the above dream categories, you’ll also receive answers to several intriguing questions like:
  • Why God allows the enemy access to our dreams
  • Are there really such things as “pizza dreams”?
  • What role does our soul play in dreams?
  • How can we have more spiritual dreams?
Price: $10.00