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Fight Like a Man
Fight Like a Man
by Gordon Dalbey

In recent years, the secular men's movement has awakened many men to the effects of the "father-wound" within them. Men have been cut off and alienated from their fathers for generations.

This broken relationship with father affects men in countless ways—through addictions, lack of family commitment, troubled marriages, violence and abuse, and an estranged relationship with God and the Father.

While the secular movement identified the problem, it could offer no solution.

But author Gordon Dalbey believes that there is a solution. The solution is radical. And the solution is Jesus Christ.

Ironically, the way to "fight like a man" is to surrender—to Jesus.

Jesus Christ completely overturns the traditional "fight or flight" model that characterizes the way many men have learned to respond to their problems. He radically changes the masculine soul.

Surrender is the essential first step in overcoming the Enemy and in healing the father-wound. But it's only the beginning of a process that equips men to be "Kingdom warriors."

In Fight Like a Man, you'll discover how to:

  • Dispel the fear of making a mistake
  • Heal the crippling sense of never measuring up
  • Overcome private addictions
  • Build your child's faith in Jesus
  • Battle alongside your wife, your ally
  • Give your wife and children reasons to trust and respect you
  • Understand suffering as it shapes you for Kingdom warfare
Price: $10.00