Soaking Prayer

What is Soaking Prayer?

Soaking Prayer is coming into the Presence of God in a posture of receiving, allowing Him to minister to you directly in body, mind, soul and spirit. It involves either sitting or lying in stillness, relaxed and inwardly turning toward Jesus. Often gentle worship music in the background helps us to focus on God and experience His presence, for He dwells in our praise (Psalm 22:3).

How is Soaking Prayer different from other types of prayer or spiritual disciplines?

Prayer can take on many different forms, such as intercession, petition, listening, repentance, praise and many more! Soaking Prayer is unique in that it does not involve exertion of effort in either prayer or study. Initially it may take time for our minds and spirits to clear of our other responsibilities or concerns, or to let go of the habit of coming before God in petition for others. This is a time set apart for you to simply rest in His presence.

What is the purpose of soaking prayer?

The purpose of soaking prayer is to give God an opportunity to minister to you directly. God may desire to bring healing on a physical, emotional, or spiritual level. He may desire to simply bring peace and refreshing to you. He may desire to speak and give revelation of Himself or from Him. Essentially it is a time for you to rest and commune with God, allowing God to accomplish His purpose for that time. He knows exactly what you need in any given moment.

What is your role?

Simply put, your role is to receive! You are encouraged to rest, to be in a posture of receiving, such as either lying down, or sitting with open hands. Then you are encouraged to be open to however God would like to minister to you during that time.

What is the role of the prayer minister?

The prayer minister’s role is to be the hands and feet of Jesus, and a conduit of the pure love and power of the Holy Spirit. The prayer minister may ask your permission to gently lay hands on your head or shoulder, and then may pray silently or in the Spirit very quietly. The prayer minister’s role is truly to let Jesus minister to you directly, trusting that the Lord’s presence will accomplish deep things in you. As the prayer minister prays and listens to the Lord, he or she may sense the Lord showing them a particular way to pray or give them a word of encouragement for you. If the prayer minister feels led to share with you, then they will ask permission to share, doing so in gentleness and sensitivity. Regardless, the prayer minister’s role is to facilitate the Lord ministering to you, being available without interrupting what Jesus is doing.