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This social media platform has been produced for and connected with only those alumni of Christian Healing Ministries' School of Healing Prayer® who have registered for the Alumni Network. The purpose of the Alumni Network is to help such registered alumni stay in contact with one another. Christian Healing Ministries, Inc. does not, in any way, endorse or vouch for the ministries of any alumni. Therefore, listing of any alumni in the directory does not imply or constitute endorsement, approval, or recommendation by Christian Healing Ministries, Inc. Please also note out of respect for all members of our alumni network, this platform is not to be used for personal or corporate promotional purposes or spamming of any kind. Also, all content and photos posted on this social media platform can be used by Christian Healing Ministries.

By providing CHM with the information requested within this membership application, I agree to allow CHM to share my personal information from this form with others registered with CHM’s Alumni Network. I understand that if I wish for any information to be kept private, I may either withhold that information or simply note on this application form which information I prefer to keep private.

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