Q & A with Judith

by Judith MacNutt
2019 Vol. 04

I am overwhelmed with the thought of generational sins I may have already passed to my children.

God is not overwhelmed! He came to set the captive free and open prison doors! When the Holy Spirit gives insight into a weakness, rejoice! When he highlights something you may need to change, be grateful! It means you are moving to a new level of freedom in your family.

Be honest if you had a part in passing down unhealthy patterns to your children. Nothing softens the heart more than confessing to one another.

Some of us have strongholds that the enemy does not let go of easily. This is why, years ago, God gave Francis the concept of soaking prayer. When we begin to pray for someone, we see a little progress and we know that God is working. So we keep praying, and this applies to generational healing as well. Hold your loved ones in the light of God until they can come through to complete healing; this may take years. Over time you will see patterns and behaviors change. As you do your own generational healing, you will see your children set free also!

Judith MacNutt Judith MacNutt is a licensed psychotherapist, author, teacher, conference speaker, co–founder and president of CHM. 2019 Vol. 04