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Welcome: Partner with Us

Francis and Judith

From the Founders of CHM...

Since 1980 Christian Healing Ministries (CHM) has maintained the same vision: To Make Healing Prayer a Way of Life in Families, Churches, and Medical Professions.

As a highly respected and well-established ministry, CHM’s mission is to be a visible presence of Jesus’ desire to heal in the world today by:

  • Providing healing prayer for the sick
  • Training those who want to learn to pray
  • Lending leadership support to pastors, churches and seminaries
  • Expanding the role of healing prayer in medical professions
  • Offering a bookstore and resource center for ministry and training materials


If you have a heart for this world-wide vision and mission, we want to invite you to partner with us by financially supporting the work of CHM. Together we can expand the healing ministry of Jesus Christ!

With Love and Gratitude,
~ Francis and Judith MacNutt

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What kind of records does CHM provide in order to prove I made a contribution?

CHM provides each donor with a receipt (in the form of a thank-you letter) at the time of each contribution. We do not provide end of the year giving reports to our donors.

Is there any limit to the amount of my contributions I can deduct on my taxes?

Yes. A contribution deduction ordinarily cannot exceed 50 percent of a donor’s adjusted gross income. Donors who exceed these limits may be able to “carry over” their excess contribution and deduct it in future years.

I attended an event at Christian Healing Ministries; can I deduct the cost of the registration?

No, you cannot deduct contributions in which you receive a benefit (instruction or materials). This does not apply to our events such as prayer appointments, which are free of charge.

Can I deduct the value of volunteer work I did for your organization?

No. The value of personal services is never deductible as a charitable contribution.

If I mail my contribution in December, but it doesn’t reach your ministry until January of the next year, for which year should I claim it?

A check that is mailed to a charity is deductible in the year the check is postmarked and mailed, even if it does not arrive until early in the next year.

If I make a contribution in January, can I claim it on my taxes the previous calendar year?

No. Charitable contributions must be claimed in the year in which they are delivered.