Event Information

Event Information

Christian Healing Ministries hosts events that fall into two categories:

  • Ministry - events for those in need of ministry
  • Training - events for thos who desire to learn how to minister

We have worked diligently to provide the time and space for individuals to receive in all areas. It is important that those looking to attend a CHM event understand the focus of the event itself and choose the event according to the specific needs of the participant.

For individuals seeking training and equipping, we invite you to learn more about our Schools of Healing Prayer. For individuals seeking personal ministry, accompanied by teaching, we encourage you to attend a ministry event.

A note about Children . . . 

While families are extremely important to us, because of the sensitive and mature nature of the material, School of Healing Prayer is recommended for those adults 18 years and old. However, if an older teen wishes to attend (age 15-18), they must have their parents' permission and be accompanied by a responsible adult. We encourage parents to evaluate their child's spiritual maturity and emotional capacity before sending them to a CHM event. We ask that parents not bring children to the event venue; this includes nursing infants and toddlers. Parents are responsible for their own child care.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

What forms of payment do you accept for registration?

Via our secure gateway, Authorize.net., you may use a personal credit, debit card, or E-check.

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