Healing Line

Healing Line


by Francis MacNutt
November 1990

The recent September issue of the Newsletter concerning demonic attacks, especially on the clergy, has drawn a number of letters in response — a few questioning if it is really so, while many confirmed it, such as one friends who writes:

"I and, through me, my husband have been under attack for years; as you say, it's particularly bad before giving a talk or doing some special work for the Lord. One morning I felt it strongly and prayed before I left the house. while on the highway a huge chunk of asphalt came hurtling though the air, hitting the windshield right in front of me, smashing it to pieces. Yet, there was no vehicle near me — nor an overpass. I felt Satan's force, but God's protection too."

In the same Newsletter I credited the prayer for protection to the wrong person; actually the one who developed it, through much experience, was Mrs. Betty Brennan.

— Francis

Francis MacNutt Francis MacNutt is a Founding Director and Executive Committee member of CHM. November 1990 Issue