Healing Line

Healing Line

Testimony of a Two-Fold Healing

Nov/Dec 1991

We are not often privileged to receive direct confirmation of a healing from a doctor, because they are naturally cautious, so it was a welcome letter which came last month containing two doctors' appraisals.

The letter from the healings' recipient reads as follows:

"You prayed for my pituitary tumor last spring at the week long conference in Jacksonville. I possess the original film of the MRI which shows no evidence of a tumor."

Here she shares her radiologist's report which says:

"This patient previously, in 1989, was noted to have a 5mm. hypointense tumor of the pituitary gland," but , at the present time, "No evidence of a mass or microadenoma in the pituitary is seen." (There is more in this report of a medically technical nature.)

That's the first healing, a physical healing, but she also reports an inner healing:

"I have been on disability for five years (I was formerly a special education teacher.), but my psychiatrist now believes I will be able to work as a librarian or bookstore clerk. Also I could not manage living with a roommate very well, nor did my psychiatrist believe I could live independently".

"But now I live alone and love every minute of it. Recently my sink overflowed and flooded my kitchen. Before my healing I would have panicked, but I called the maintenance man who got a plumber. We sat up until 3:30 AM, fixing the problem. I didn't panic or become unglued; I just did what needed to be done. Next day I went to a food crisis center and passed out food to the hungry.

"What a difference God makes!"

She appends a letter from her psychiatrist stating: "It has been my pleasure to have provided both inpatient and partial hospitalization treatment of __ for the past several months. She has made excellent progress ... Her vocational case has been closed with the appropriate department in __ _ I would like to recommend that her vocation case be reopened with plans for ongoing rehabilitation. I think it would be in her interest to be able to return to the work–force, full–time if possible."

As she declares, "What a difference God makes!"

(This letter is used with her permission, but we omit her name and state to protect her privacy.)

Nov/Dec 1991 Issue