Healing Line

Healing Line

From the Mailbox

Fall 1997

Many thanks for sharing your thoughts about growing old in your last newsletter. Since retirement, I have (studied a great deal) on the subject of aging and ministry to the elderly. Your article was of infinite help to me, for my husband and I have been in a retirement home for a year and a half, and my ministry is now confined to the 24–bed assisted living area. I am seeking the Lord's will constantly as to how better to serve them — praying with and for them, counseling, consolation, comfort, little deeds of service and friendship. Please — more articles on this subject!

Praise God! My wife, who has suffered with ovarian cancer and whose body reacted violently to the chemotherapy, causing her to be unable to eat, has been totally healed! She no longer vomits, is able to eat food again, has regained her normal weight, and no longer takes food intravenously. This is a miracle from death's shadow to normal health. There was nothing that any human doctor could do to save her. They had all given up. Thank you for your prayers, and please thank all of those marvelous brothers and sisters who work (at CHM), especially those who prayed with us. Rarely does a day go by that I do not remember this miracle and give thanks to Jesus for this healing and for CHM.

Thanks so much to all of you at CHM. My sisters and I came to a Tuesday evening healing service several weeks ago. It was the sweetest most gentle service that i can remember going to ever. The two ladies who prayed for us had such insight into our personal lives, and I felt genuine compassion. All three of us were blessed and healed, two emotionally and one physically.Then while one sister's son was undergoing a biopsy two weeks ago, we came over to CHM and prayed again. More healing took place in our lives.I'm very interested in receiving your training and bringing your teaching back to my own church. God bless you!

Dear Friends,

For the first time in my life this week i was DEPRESSED — due to complications from two successive surgeries gone wrong. It was a miracle that The Healing Line arrived in the mail and showed me once again who is really in charge of my life. I had lost focus and was floundering. Rev. Tommy Tyson's article about the Baptism with the Holy Spirit was especially meaningful. I have been touched by the Holy Spirit and have gained so much power and joy. My body almost betrayed my mind. I thank you for setting me on the right track again and for such a timely help!

From a Letter to Judith:

Thank you so much for your ministry and your love poured out to us. Sometimes words seem so futile, don't they, in trying to express what's in one's heart? Just know that all of who God made you to be is such a wonderful blessing.

I wanted to tell you a personal testimony. The weekend after the retreat I drove up to Canada to visit my mother. i left my tapes for her to listen to after I left. My mum always has had a poor self image, always felt unworthy of even God's love (although she does have a very special and childlike relationship with Him), and consequently had difficulty really receiving His deep love into her wounded heart. I tell you, these tapes have changed her life.

She started to listen to the first tape after I left. Mum said she was laughing and crying on her bed during the first tape, and crying all the way through the next tape.She said to me, "Dear, I know something has happened to me!" I really believe she was able to receive God's love for the very first time at an incredibly deep level. She said, "Judith was talking just to me!" She asked who the man was who talked at the beginning of the second tape, and I told her he was your husband, Francis. She loved his voice and could hear the gentleness and love of God coming from him. She said, "I got more understanding about God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit and their relationship from that 10 minutes of speaking than I ever knew." She said she has had so many questions for years, and they were all answered in his talk.She said she was so excited she could hardly stand it.

I could go on and on but I won't. You can imagine how pleased I was because I have felt so badly over the years that she was unable to truly receive the assurance of His love for her. We have such a good relationship, and she is such a loving person. , always giving — yet had been so hurt by her own mother — and I felt she deserved (if you can say that) and needed His love to make up for all the past wounding. And it has happened. Miraculous!

thank you for your ministry and faithfulness to give from what god has given you.

Dear Francis MacNutt:

I don't know what kind of response you've experienced from your article "Will the Voice of the Bird be Silenced?" But I want to tell you that I believe you have ht a bulls eye on an area to which the Lord is calling us, and which has been incredibly overlooked. I would say YES to a whole new area of praying about and over the aging process! It certainly applies to me.

Fall 1997 Issue