Healing Line

Healing Line

Healing News From Around the World

by Francis MacNutt
Summer 2001

It's exciting how Christ's healing mission continues to grow across the world.

For example, the Catholic Charismatic Renewal movement's open symposium on deliverance in Malta in October, as described at left, is hoping for 1,000 to attend. Also involved in this conference are the International Order of Exorcists, who are Roman Catholic priests. This group numbered just a dozen a few short years ago and now host 300 at their annual conference. Such conferences would have been unheard of 20 years ago!

The Malta meeting will be followed by a symposium on healing from November 10–13 in Rome. This symposium is sponsored by the Vatican's Congregation on the Laity, headed by Cardinal Stafford. By invitation they expect a group of only 100. Please keep these two important conferences in your prayers.

Another fascinating news item comes from a friend who attended a Jewish healing service in Temple Beth El in San Pedro, California, where the rabbi is not a Messianic Jew. The healing service featured the participants holding the Torah, the part of the Bible containing the Law. Says this participant, "We were asked to hold it to our hearts as long as we wanted, as the rabbi said there is healing in the Torah. The embracing of the Torah within the circle of people was wonderful. The music was like angels singing. The Rabbi himself had cancer a few years back. He was not expected to live. He tells people he now lives differently, which is why he is open to healing services."

This participant passed along some of the poetic prayers of the service:

"Blow the breeze of compassion upon my brow, Breathing the sigh of peace. Let me rest by the water, Probing gently for the sense of what I see, Releasing hurts to restore my spirit, Feeling You guide me toward a distant shore."

Francis MacNutt Francis MacNutt is a Founding Director and Executive Committee member of CHM. Summer 2001 Issue