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Summer 2001

A Joyful Testimony About Growing Older

Note from Francis: Two years ago I wrote an article on aging that drew a large response of letters: There are many physical pains during the aging process, but God intends our spirits to grow in depth and happiness. We just received a newsletter from our friend, Tommy Tyson, describing this beautiful testimony of how he is aging (Tommy is 78).

"In spite of physical difficulties through which I have been coming and maybe because of them, I am finding a deeper and sweeter communion with The Lord Jesus than I have ever known in my life. I am more and more aware of His presence within and without.

"The enrichment is not only during the waking hours, but there is a deeper excitement about my dreams. Frequently I awake in the night and realize that I've been in heavenly places with the Lord during the dream. In one dream I seemed to hear that the real purpose of prayer is not just to receive something from God. The real purpose of prayer is to establish a relationship with God and to maintain that relationship. It is out of that relationship of love that we are led by the Holy Spirit in our prayer life. We are learning what He meant when He said, 'The Kingdom of God is like a person finding a treasure hidden in a field which, when they have found it, they sell every other investment they have and come and make a total investment in the field that has the treasure.' It's that way with Jesus.

"He is our Lord. He is our light. He is our love, our power, our healer, our provider, our wealth, our health. He is our all. He is the Treasure hidden in the field. The field is the soil of our own humanity, our minds, our heart life, our emotions, our desires and our dreams. There are times when we have to break the crust of superficial desires in order to get down to the heart's sincere desire. There we discover that in coming to that place of discovery deep in the heart of God, every price we paid to get there is compensated for by the sweetness of the communion that we experience.

"When we break through the upper crust, we discover that in His presence everything is given. It's all there. We don't have to ask for it; we simply experience it."

Many thanks for praying over me for my malignant melonoma during the healing conference i San Diego. today I had an evaluation of my latest CAT Scan and the doctor was delighted to see the cancer has stabilized without any medical treatment. Tomorrow I start chemotherapy with tamoxifen. My doctor says that there's a chance that I might be clear of cancer at the end of a two–treatment schedule.

Joseph in Lajolla, CA

We just wanted to let you know how blessed we have been by reading Praying for Your Unborn Child which we read together throughout my wife's pregnancy. For seven years my wife had been trying to get pregnant (she has hypothyroid, which makes it hard to get pregnant). We were prayed over at my churches family retreat and two weeks later she was pregnant. During the pregnancy the doctors discovered that our daughter, while still in the womb, had bilateral ovarian cysts. Again we were prayed over and the cysts disappeared. We just want to thank you for your encouraging words in your book which we have recommended to many other parents.

I am writing this letter to praise the Lord for sending me to IPM at CHM. I was not only accepted but was shown an unconditional love which I had never experienced before. And I received help in my struggle to be set free. I would recommend IPM to anyone who needs help in deliverance. Thank you for your faithful service to the Lord in "destroying the works of the devil" and setting His people free.

— Nancy

Praise the Lord for my continued healing from cancer in my lungs and liver. I attended CHM's Intensive Prayer Ministry in March and was blessed by inner and physical healing. The April 11 CT scans of my lung and liver compared to the March 19 scans indicated no new cancer, and the existing cancer spots were reduced in size... The battle is not yet won, but I continue to ask for prayers as we press on for remission (50% reduction). Thanks be to God! We are now exploring setting up a healing ministry in our Presbyterian church.

— Larry in Colorado

Letters Responding to the Articles on the Healing of Homosexuality Printed in The Healing Line, Fall 2000

Thank you for your article on "Homosexuality — A Cure?" We Episcopalians are having a difficult time with the liberal stand of some of our leadership. We've been in our church over 50 years. We have a good Bible study and prayer group. But our money goes to a liberal diocese and national church. We do pray for God's leading, but it's not a comfortable spot to be in. To condone that lifestyle doesn't seem to be the loving thing to do. But where (else) would we go to worship? I've made copies of your article for our prayer group. Thank you for your wisdom and for taking a stand.

With love in Christ,

Your article about homosexuality on the cover of the fall Healing Line has brought me some answers I needed, as an older lady with a healing gift. Thank you so much for clarifying several things for me.

(Our church), where you have spoken several times, has turned almost totally homosexual, as has (our pastor) after his divorce. And a large percent of our body has left.

Though I've prayed for thousands, what confused me was the absence of homosexual healing at (our church). Several years ago, a dear man with a wonderful spiritual healing gift asked us to pray for his childhood anger at his mother. During the prayer time, I could see why he had become homosexual. I expected him to change sexual orientation after that prayer. He didn't. Reading your article, I see it was because he didn't want to. (And) it would have taken many prayer sessions (to help him become fully healed). Last year, my friend and his lover were the first homosexuals to be married at (our church).

I left (that church) simply because I couldn't handle the physical interacting there and was confused that it was accepted from the pulpit. Thank you so much for resolving my years of confusion. Now moving on, God is calling me to teach healing to a "budding baby" church.

Bless you,
Sally in Missouri

Note from CHM: As you know, the topic of homosexuality is very delicate and controversial, and we were heartened that most of the letters about the fall newsletter were very positive. Only two were negative, including one that said, "I quote the late blues musician Jimi Hendrix: 'I am what I am, thank God. Some people just don't understand. Help them, God.'" We hope many questioning people will read Francis' book on homosexuality, which explains our position at greater length and depth than the newsletter article was able to accomplish.

Dear Francis, I truly, thoroughly admire your work, especially since reading your book, Homosexuality: Can It Be Healed? If I were the writer, I could have written every word. It's as if you have been where I have been. Hope the enclosed letter (from my doctor) gives you documentation of a supernatural healing of my heart. Judith, you prayed for me at Fishnet in Vermont... I intend to use my life in missionary work as a result of this healing.

— Ray in Boothbay, Maine

Excerpt from doctor's letter: "I would like this brief note to serve as documentation that your heart function abnormality appears to have spontaneously resolved. We originally found that you had some element of congestive heart failure as the result of there being a cardiomyopathy, which means an abnormality of the heart's muscle pumping action. You also had treatment for a narrowed right coronary artery, which was successful. After a number of months of taking medication, we repeated your echocardiogram. This shows that there has been total resolution of the cardiomyopathy ... "

Summer 2001 Issue