Healing Line

Healing Line

Why I Joined Christian Healing Ministries

by George L. Bass
Winter 2001

"Christian Healing Ministries is a Christ–Centered, interdenominational non–profit organization. CHM's vision is to make Christian healing prayer a way of life in families, churches and professions throughout the world. CHM's Mission is to spread the message of Christian healing, including the role of healing prayer in medicine, to teach and train others to pray for Christian healing, and to provide and coordinate healing prayer. CHM's desired outcome is that all Christians and Christian groups would incorporate healing prayer in their families, churches and professions, especially the health related professions."

These are the first words I encountered concerning Christian Healing Ministries during my interview process some two months ago. They were words that intrigued me. I have consulted with and have dealt with many companies and ministries during my career. There is something very different about this one. They have a vision that encompasses the entire world, a mission to change the way things have been done for hundreds of years, and a desired outcome that would change the lives of thousands. I have thought about Jesus in Mark 8:10 when the Centurion asked Him to heal his servant. Jesus "marveled" at the Centurion's faith. I marveled at the faith of this ministry. I needed to know more.

As I met and was able to speak more with the people involved I began to believe they could accomplish the vision. God brought to my mind the story of the children of Israel in the book of Joshua. God had brought them to the edge of the Promised Land. God had assembled the right people in the right place at the right time to do a great work. God has given Francis and Judith MacNutt a vision. CHM is poised on the edge of a great work. God again has gathered the right people in the right place at the right time.

In a study entitled Experiencing God by Henry T. Blackaby & Claude V. King I was advised to find where God is doing a work and attach myself to it. I saw God at work at CHM. I have been truly blessed by being asked to become a part of this great ministry. I now extend this opportunity for you to also become a part of this ministry. Attach yourself to where God is working, and give CHM your prayer, volunteer and financial support.

George L. Bass
Director of Development

Winter 2001 Issue